ILGA video European Elections – When we stand together we become one Voice

Dear friends,

In two weeks’ time, all of us in the European Union are asked to vote for the next European Parliament.
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Come out and vote!

These elections are hugely important. These elections will determine our capacity to achieve further progress on LGBTI rights over the next five years in the EU. There is so much more to do to get legal protection against discrimination and violence, so much to do to advance trans and intersex rights, so much to do to strengthen human rights in Europe.

These elections are also about safeguarding all the advances made over nearly two decades at European level. Euro sceptics, far right movement, religious extremists are threatening not just the European Union but also its fundamental principles and values of dignity, equality and human rights for all. The very basis which has allowed all of us to achieve change over the past decades. So now is NOT the time to be complacent.
This is why we all need to continue to be engaged, and even to step up our efforts over the next two weeks.

You all have done so much to mobilise for the elections already over the past few months. We’ve received so many stories about events you have organised, actions you have taken with candidates, and campaigns you are doing with other NGOs. This is so important, and we know that this is already making a difference.

So over the next two weeks, here’s what we all need to continue to do:

  • Get more candidates and parties to sign the Come Out Pledge – this is our time to gain support from politicians and to get them to commit.
  • Mobilise the vote – we need everyone who cares and is committed to human rights and equality to come out to vote. So get the word out to your community, to your friends, family and allies. Make sure that they vote on 22-25 May…and that you do too!

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Want to do more? Here are some few tips on what you/your organisation can do:

  • Firstly, our website section provides you an overview of the election and what you can do.
  • Finally, we have gathered links to some of the national campaigns by our members. Hope you will find it inspirational. Find the links here.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Very best wishes

Evelyne Paradis
Executive Director

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